Grande Chasse au Tigre dans l'Inde (The Tiger Hunt) Velay Manufactory, 1818

A client acquired a very rare set of The Tiger Hunt, also known as Paysage Indien, Chasse au Tigre, Chasse indienne or Vues de l'Inde. This wallpaper was formerly attributed to Dufour but has since been attributed to the Velay Manufactory.* The Velay Manufactory was a contemporary of Dufour and active in Paris after 1807. There are very few remaining examples of this wallpaper. 

John Nalewaja and Jim Francis created the installation plan for a dining room, working with the limitations of the room, to install the paper to best advantage. 




In poor condition, this wallpaper required very careful handling and restoration. John and his assistants first stabilized the antique paper, then painstakingly prepapred it to be re-installed in the client's dining room. 




The scenes, some of which are said to have been taken from William and Thomas Daniell's Oriental Scenery published in London in 1795, depict the right bank of the River Ganges, with tigers being hunted on horseback.  Two temples are taken from Daniell's engraving Hindoo Temples at Bishabun.

After the paper was rehung, an artist touched up aged and damaged sections of the scene.  

There are three other documented examples of this wallpaper are in private collections in France, Belgium and Sweden.





*Papiers Peints Panoramiques, Exhibition Catalogue, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1998, pp. 306-307.