de Gournay Eclectic Reinstallation

Original installation in a girl's bedroom

Original installation in a girl's bedroom

John Nalewaja installed this deGournay eclectic butterfly wallpaper in a bedroom for a client. When the client later moved, John’s assistant removed the wallpaper so that it could be reinstalled in the new home. 

The new bedroom was larger than the first bedroom and it also had a small vestibule. Covering the entire space would have required significantly more paper than originally purchased.  

Instead the decision was made to use the butterfly wallpaper on a feature wall and on the walls of the entry vestibule. This resulted in a lovely room with the wallpaper shown to best advantage, preserving the charming nature of this bedroom for a little girl. 





Careful planning meant that the paper could be reinstalled without additional artwork, so the client could successfully use the wallpaper twice and minimize costs.